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Sister Vassa's Lecture during the "Men in Black Series" in Diamond Springs, CA - 04/24/15

The Second Annual "Men in Black" Series was held on the 13 and 14 of February, 2015. This year's key-note speaker was Sister Vassa (Larin) of the popular weekly program "Coffee with Sister Vassa." Below is a video of her lecture and the questions and answers that followed held on Saturday February 14, 2015, in Diamond Springs, CA. 

2015 Diocesan Lenten Retreat: "Life in Christ Fount of Joy with Faith There is Hope" - 04/10/15

The VIII Annual Lenten Retreat of the Western American Diocese was held at Holy Virgin Cathedral in San Francisco, CA, on March 29, 2015.

A Reflection on the Lenten Pastoral Retreat of the Western American Diocese, Day 3, March 11, 2015 - 04/01/15

There was great inspiration and a deepening of faith that accompanied the conclusion of our pastoral retreat, which took place from Monday March 9 to Wednesday March 11. We clergy took some of both home with us to our respective families and flocks.

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Archpastoral Communiqués
Paschal Address of His Eminence Archbishop Kyrill, 2015 - 04/10/15

Paschal Address of His Eminence Archbishop Kyrill may be read here.

Archbishop Kyrill Addresses the Diocese - 01/01/15

His Eminence Arcbhishop Kyrill extends his profound gratitude to the faithful of the Western American Diocese for their support and love for the Church.

His Epistle may be read here.

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